Miyabi is negative for indonesian film industry

>> 10.21.2009

according to the kidnap miyabi film producer himself, the film is far from pornographic and porno action. But, in my opinion whatever the reasons propose by the producer, less acceptable to me and some people in Indonesia. I think Miyabi appearance will only give a negative impact for the Indonesian nation and further, will be an adverse impact on the younger generation.

some of my reason why I do not agree that miyabi will come to Indonesia

1. Making a lot of people are curious and seeking detailed information about the Miyabi.
Perhaps more appropriate to say, people are curious to find miyabi’s porn film.
2. Corrupt moral of Indonesia nation
If arrival is welcomed, as it allowed striptease dancers entered the mosque, Of course it would make attention. Yes, like that, many people who want to meet or maybe a fan someone who should be shunned
3. The birth of Maria Ozawa made in Indonesia.
4. I think Miyabi arrival could expunge Indonesia's name known the world as the country with the largest Muslim population.

Thus, the name miyabi a.k.a maria ozawa who was so popular as a porn star would not give any positive impact for the development of Indonesian film industry on the contrary a negative impact.

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