Eathquake In Padang

>> 10.14.2009

Not yet recovered from the trauma of the earthquake disaster in Tasikmalaya. Indonesia again shaken by a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake shook padang. death toll that has been recorded up to 08.00 pm at Tuesday the number of victims has reached 1115 people.This make many people apprehensive . including me.

it's inhumane if there was news that some elements are trying to make profit from this disaster . For example, some airlines have raised ticket prices over the fairness. Post-earthquake, plane ticket from Jakarta to Padang soared to reach 3 million rupiah. In fact, upper rate fee only 960 thousand rupiah.I think the airlines and brokers take advantage of this situation for personal profit in the middle of limited tickets available. whereas in these conditions transport companies should provide facilities to help handling of earthquake victims.

Plus, how shocked I am when I heard the news on one of the private TV station which gives headline news that the testimony of the volunteers said that 99% support from Malaysia has expired. A beautiful anchorwoman says that the expiration date of relief goods are distributed by Malaysia is December 25, 2008. Other news also mentioned that some support from Malaysia there are not any kosher (for Muslims, of course). Whether Malaysia is not enough to make nation Indonesia growled with all this provocation began from cultural richness of Indonesia claimed by malaysia like batik up to 'mischief' Malaysia navy in the vicinity of Indonesia sea territory? Especially in the middle of terrible situations like this was very pity if Malaysia do like that.
I hope the Indonesian government should more careful in accepting support that came, not because that support even make things worse, especially for the earthquake victims. And take action against the ‘naughty’ airline . I hope the victims can be saved. amin.

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