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>> 2.01.2012

Andrew Stanton
Andrew Stanton (original story), Pete Docter (original story), and 2 more credits »
Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Jeff Garlin

Glimpse of the storyline:

In the future, planet Earth has become a highly polluted by waste products of the company's Buy N Large. This situation requires the resident to leave the earth. So, they invented a little robot named WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load-Lifter Earth-Class) is programmed to perform a global cleanup. For years, the robots were working to try their luck again so that the earth back to where people lived. But failed . One by one robot's fallen, and mingled into other debris strewn here and there, 700 years later. Just one last little robot survive.

One day WALL-E meets EVE robot sent to look for information on whether the earth was inhabited again ready or not. Short stories, EVE get the desired information and must be returned to the parent aircraft. WALL-E is in love with EVE then come seeping into the plane that brought EVE to its parent aircraft.

Hundreds of years humans lived in a super large aircraft executive named Axiom has made them forget to think their way home. Ease of technology is slowly eroding them. Hands and feet weakened, instincts had no place. Their children are children of the technology.

After a conflict between humans and aircraft systems Axiom, humans finally returned to earth and start a new life back to the starting point.

Relationships with Human and Computer Interaction (IMK)

Human and computer interaction is seen when the spacecraft occupants interact with the touch screen on the seat movement, with a touch screen that she can talk in real time with residents in other places and interact with other robots that facilitate their work.

Through the screen they can see, choose and use the goods they want, as shown in the figure below. The person simply press the button at their seat and transformed his clothing which was originally red to blue.

Interaction technology used already highly developed. Seen in the presence of interaction between human and computer dialogue to solve a problem. Not only use the output of the human touch.

The computer already has its own intelligence as human beings who can then give advice to humans. Even,computer can could against human command.

Moral message:

The moral that can be taken are:

1. Humans should be able to take care of the earth who lived to keep them clean, comfortable, and green. The issue of prevention of global warning is inherent in this movie.

2. Social interaction is needed in building a community.

3. Do not be too dependent on the convenience offered by technology

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